Mininally Invasive surgery in Total Hip Replacement


AMIS and conventional approaches

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

The surgeon can access the hip joint by different paths, following a "conventional" surgical approach or a Minimally Invasive Surgical approach (MIS). True Minimally Invasive Surgery is characterized by the preservation of muscles and tendons encountered during the surgery to the hip joint capsule and offers a reduced skin incision.

AMIS® is true Minimally Invasive Surgery. Other approaches advertised as minimally invasive (posterior, lateral or double incision) are only reduced skin incision techniques and are associated with the same muscle and/ or tendon injury as "conventional" approaches.

AMIS® does not cut muscles and does respect nerves.

In fact the anterior approach is the only technique which follows inter-muscular and internervous planes to reduce the risk of injury to muscles, tendons, vessels and nerves. Possible muscular release is reduced to a minimum and in all cases is less significant than with other surgical approaches.

For this reason AMIS® is the ideal approach for atraumatic surgery which is fundamental for a fast recovery: AMIS® will improve the quality of your life and hasten your recovery after a Total Hip Replacement.

The AMIS® technique has decreased the incidence of complications when compared to "conventional" techniques. Your doctor will assist in providing more details.